Despite Blockbusters ‘Memento’ Remains Christopher Nolan’s Best Film

Memento: 8 Stars (8 / 10)

Christopher Nolan has become a superstar director in Hollywood, but his first full-length feature, 2000’s Memento, remains his best film. This summer Nolan’s next blockbuster film, Dunkirk, will hit theaters. Dunkirk, Nolan’s war drama, will be the nine full-length film he has directed and he has an insanely impressive streak going.

These days films are rated by Rotten Tomatoes. Nolan has yet to direct a film with a rating under 71% and all of his directed films are certified-fresh. Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar, the upcoming Dunkirk and the Dark Knight Trilogy round out Nolan’s directorial career. That is quite the list of films and has propelled Nolan onto lists ranking him as one of the best minds in Hollywood.

A Look at Nolan’s Film

Nolan’s first two full-length films, Memento and Insomina, put him on the map. They allowed him to get control of the The Dark Knight Trilogy and that helped to propel him to his current standing in Hollywood.

Insomnia is a great thriller following a police detective (Al Pacino) who is sent to a small Alaska town to investigate a girls murder. During his investigation he is forced into a game of cat-and-mouse with the primary suspect (Robin Williams). Robin Williams, known for his family-friendly, roles gives one of his most impressive and chilling portrayals as Walter Finch.

Nolan followed up Insomnia with Batman Begins, the first in his Batman Trilogy. Batman Begins was well received and brought new life to the Batman franchise. It also started the new wave of darker and less-campy superhero movies.

As he was completing his Batman Trilogy Nolan also worked on The Prestige, Inception and Interstellar.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about these films is that, along with directing, Nolan also wrote all of these films.

Why Memento is the Best

Many would argue that The Dark Knight is Nolan’s best film. As a kid who grew up watching the Animated Series of Batman and loving the character I loved Nolan’s trilogy. However, Nolan’s Batman Begins set the stage and with $185 million budget The Dark Knight was destined to be great.

What’s impressive is Memento. Creating a film that entertaining and re-watchable off of a $9 million budget and only a few filming locations.

Memento tells two simultaneous stories of Leonard (Guy Pearce). A man who, in result of an injury during the attack that killed his wife, suffers from anterograde amnesia and short term memory loss. Leonard uses polaroids, tattoos and notes to keep his story straight as he looks for his wife’s killer. One story is black and white and tells the story in order. The other story is in color and is shown in reverse order.

Despite giving away the ending, at the beginning, the film provides a in-depth look at memory loss. It also gives a great and interesting look at the lengths a person will go for revenge when they have nothing to lose. Most importantly Memento, although understandable on the first watch, is a movie you will have to watch again to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

How to Watch

Finding Memento is a difficult task. The movie is not available on any streaming service. Even worse, is the price of the film on Blu-Ray. Amazon is currently selling copies of the Blu-Ray for 49.99. That is a bit ridiculous. So, how do you watch? The best way is to check out any local second-spin type stores. Or check out eBay where the DVD sells for around $5-10.

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