‘Logan’ is the Wolverine Movie We Were Always Hoping For

Logan7.5 Stars (7.5 / 10)

When it was first announced that Wolverine, known also as Logan, would be getting his own standalone film fans were excited. Hugh Jackman was already set in the role of Wolverine, but the cast added some more star power. Liev Schrieber was brought in as Sabertooth. Ryan Reynolds was set to portray Deadpool. They also brought in Will.I.Am who was a huge star at the time with the return of The Black Eyed Peas. Not to mention the addition of Taylor Kitsch, who was, at the time, starring in Friday Night Lights.

Then, it all went wrong. An early release of the film hit the internet. The CGI was unfinished in the released cut, but the rest of the movie was as is. The reviews were horrible and the movie was already struggling and it hadn’t even hit theaters yet.

Wolverine: Origins was supposed to be a big superhero hit. Instead, it almost completely ruined a Deadpool movie from ever happening. It also drug the good name of Wolverine through the mud and provided very little excitement and fun.

The worst part, though, is that the writers had the best Wolverine movie idea ever right in their hands. Just watch the opening titles from the film:

That should have been the movie! A film that follows Wolverine and Sabertooth as the battle through all of the World’s most famous battles. Save peoples lives and alter the course of history. That movie could have been absolutely fantastic, but instead it was a three minute intro to a movie that didn’t deserve a theatrical release.

However, we do need to thank Wolverine: Origins. The movie was so bad that a group of people made it their mission to fix the perception of Deadpool. That resulted in the release of the R-rated Deadpool standalone film in 2016. Deadpool was such as success that the studio then decided to green-light an R-rated Wolverine film.

Thus, we got Logan. Logan is not your children’s superhero film. Much like Deadpool this film was geared towards adults and young-adults who grew up with the X-Men and Wolverine. It depicts Wolverine as a worn down, alcoholic, depressed, shell of his former-self.

Logan is, in every way, a redemption film. It not only allowed Hugh Jackman, and the studio, redeem themselves for the short-comings of the previous Wolverine films. It also was a redemption film for the character and it every was the perfect send-off film as Jackman will now step away from playing Logan.

It may have taken longer than we had hoped, but Logan is the Wolverine movie that we were always hoping for. Unfortunately, we will never get to see Jackman don the classic yellow and blue Wolverine suit or fight alongside the avengers. But thanks to Logan we do have a classic superhero movie to turn to anytime we need a badassery pick-me-up.

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